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How to Get a Good Auto Insurance Policy in Prince George, BC

There isn’t glamour and glitz when the topic of insurance pops into conversations. Despite it not being an entertainment piece at cocktail parties, insurance is an important purchase that has significant ramifications for your everyday life. And yet, it is continually undervalued. It protects you from incurring unexpected costs, provides a safeguard for your property, and, the most essential, the peace of mind knowing you and your family have a safety net.

Making insurance decisions can be daunting especially with the large volume of information available. Here are some general tips on how to save money, make insurance-friendly choices and get the most of your protection.

Home and Car: One Policy

By bundling your home and car insurance together, you can get more bang for your buck. Insurance companies provide discounts when they provide multiple services and policies. While this is good for your wallet, it also decreases hassles of dealing with multiple companies. Streamlining your insurance provider into one, allows you to focus on what you do best: living your life.

Multi-Car Policy

Using the same logic as above, see your insurance broker as a one-stop shop. The simplicity of having the same policy for each car reduces room for error because you will know each car is covered in the same fashion.

Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

Insurance companies want to create policies that work for you. Pay-as-you-drive is a newer, outside-of-the-box policy that recognizes not everyone drives daily. Instead of having one flat fee, your kilometres are tracked and fees are based on car usage. This unconventional policy is excellent for car owners who are travellers, city dwellers with access to public transportation and cyclists.

Low-Risk Car

Insurance is the art of mitigating risk. If you drive a car that has a higher chance of being stolen or getting into an accident, it will be reflected in your insurance costs. When shopping for a car, be sure to research how insurance companies evaluate the car of your dreams. For more information, visit this link.

This being said, a fancy car still is insurable but for the cost-saving consumer, the make, model, age and condition can add up to an unwanted expenditure.

Anti-Theft Devices

Check your insurance policy or ask your broker about discounts due to anti-theft devices. These range from GPS technology that tracks where your car is to the club, a basic steering-wheel lock. Other than the club, there are also hood locks, to protect your battery, tire locks, and gear shifter locks to name a few.

Clean Driving Record

If you are a pedal to the metal kind of driver, expect there to be additional pressure on your insurance. Those speeding tickets impact how you are evaluated as a driver and can be red flags to insurance companies. The tortoise from the tortoise and the hare had some insight with slow and steady winning the race. Your clean driving record is a great asset for your driving future.

These tips just brush the surface to help you maneuver through your insurance. At Nauroth & Associates Insurance Brokers, we are experts and want to provide you with information that makes this easier for you. And we want you to have an insurance policy that is perfect for your needs. For more information, call us at 250-562-1157 or our contact page.