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Car Accidents & Insurance in Prince George: Understanding the Claim Process

A claim is made to the insurance company for reimbursement. If you are unfortunate to have met with a mishap and need to file an insurance claim, this article will help you understand the claims process in Prince George. At Nauroth & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd, we help you spot the right insurance agents for your needs. If you require more information about any incident, you can speak to our insurance agent to gain more transparency.


What Do You Need to Do Instantly After an Accident?

  • Don't panic. If you are not injured, check if others are safe too. If there is significant damage or injury you need to call the emergency helpline.
  • Check for injuries in your vehicle as well as those involved in another vehicle as well.
  • Check for damages to the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • It's better to take evidence and snap some pictures of the apparent damage to your vehicle, injuries and license plate of the vehicles involved.
  • Avoid smoking or lighting any fuel flare near the accident spot.
  • Take all your respective valuables from inside the vehicle before leaving the spot.

It's always smart to take care of the above steps before you leave the accident site. Gather the information that you might need in the future. Avoid leaving the site without any prior communication with the police, you might be charged with fleeing the scene by the authorities. If you are in an auto accident you need to report the occurrence to your insurance company or agent as soon as possible. Better to do it within 7 days of the day of the accident, despite who is at fault.


If you fail to report it on time, your insurance company is not liable to keep its part of the deal.


Note down these data:

1. Auto insurance policy number. If you are covered in your parents/spouse insurance policy you need their particular details.

2. Details of your vehicle. Make, model, registration and plate number of the vehicle.


Accident details:

  • Date, time and location of the accident.
  • Driver's name and license number.
  • The number of people involved in the accident.
  • The extent of vehicle damage.
  • Accident description.
  • Name and Driver's license number of the other vehicle involved in the accident.
  • License plate and vehicle identification number.
  • Details of investigating police officers, if any.


What Follows After Your Claim Is Filed with Your Insurer?

You will be assigned a claim agent such as an adjuster to work with you. The adjuster will represent your case and make talks on your behalf with third party. If your car is facing repairs an adjuster will estimate the time spent on the repairs. The adjuster will evaluate injury claims and also approve the costs related to repairs.


How to Establish a Fault?

How much your insurance company will repay and how much you have to spend out of your pocket depends upon your fault for the accident.


1] 0% fault: Record remains clean, Premiums unaffected

2] 1-24% fault: It is on your record, Premiums unaffected

3] 25% and more: It is on your record, Premiums affected


The fault will be decided on the evidence provided. If the insurance companies find varying descriptions of the same accident, the fault is divided equally among both participants. If it is your first accident your insurance companies may pardon you in some cases provided you have a clean record for several years. Note that the amount received in compensation will depend upon your fault in the accident. If you are still confused about the coverage details ask your adjuster for more details.


What Happens in Case of Death During an Accident?

The family members are qualified for the benefits related to death and funeral. But in case if the owner/driver is not carrying relevant documentation, an auto insurance company may reject the claim.


In case if you have been injured in a car accident and you don't own insurance or are not listed in other policy you can still make a claim for the compensations. The condition will depend upon who is involved in the accident. If you are a pedestrian and have been hit by the vehicle you can send the request to the insurance company of the vehicle involved in the accident.


If none of the cases apply you can check the benefits from Ontario's Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF).  


It is always best to read the auto insurance policy in detail. It will have detailed specifications about your coverage and rights. Your claims process can be a lot smoother if you have a thorough knowledge of your coverage. If you are confused about the process or need more information on how to go about it, check out our FAQ section or contact us. We will be here to help you.