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Benefits of Home Insurance in Prince George

A home is more than just a roof and four walls. It is where your heart is: memories of your children playing in the yard, family dinners, Christmas morning in the living room. From the moment you moved your furniture through the doors to now, your home has been a place of growth and happiness. So, of course, you have home insurance.

At Nauroth & Associates Insurance Brokers, we know that the value of a home exceeds the monetary value. Our insurance policies have ways for your policy to work extra hard in this special place. Here are a few of the benefits of having home insurance.


Accidents happen. And home insurance protects against them. Whether it is a slip on the front walkway, tripping on an electrical cord, or falling off a step stool, this is all covered by home insurance. Mishaps that happen on your property, be it inside or out, or that occur through random chance or oversight, your insurance is your safety net. To err is human and home insurance takes that into account.


Theft is an issue that homeowners frequently face. Perhaps a neighbourhood kid lifts a bike or a thief cases your house while you are on a dream vacation. Again, all of this is part of your homeowner insurance. Policies cover any damage from a break and enter and also any possessions they steal, including high-end items such as electronics, art and jewelry such as watches, cufflinks, necklaces and earrings. If this is something that weighs on your mind at night, there is also additional insurance for personal articles, as mentioned above.

Identity Theft

Today’s dependency on the internet has opened many opportunities, including for criminals. The digital age has increased the protection needed for cyber crimes. Identity theft can have far-reaching ramifications that can devastate a family. As many home insurance policies cover identity theft, check your policy. In addition, it covers not just you but your spouse and dependent children.

Natural Disasters

The rumour on the street is that natural disasters aren’t covered by home insurance. As a generality, this is not correct. Weather is covered when it is considered unpredictable. For example, an ice storm that damages your deck would be classified as unpredictable which means your deck is covered under home insurance. Floods, on the other hand, are influenced by the specific location of your house and are typically not covered.

Because our homes are so precious to us, insuring them is a significant priority. If something were to happen, it can’t be replaced but at least we have the peace of mind to ensure the security and safety of our memories. For more information about what is and isn’t covered, your broker at Nauroth & Associates is here for all of your questions. Contact us at 250-562-1157 or our contact page.