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6 Key Benefits of Car Insurance

A car accident is a driver's worst nightmare. 160,000 car accidents occur in Canada each year. Nearly 3,000 of those accidents result in fatalities, and tens of thousands more in serious injuries. 


You can protect yourself and your loved ones with safe, defensive driving. But you should also protect yourself with car insurance.


Car insurance in Prince George is affordable and effective. Here are six of its benefits. 


1. You Need to Have Car Insurance in Prince George                                                     

You must cover any car you purchase, register, or drive in British Columbia with basic insurance. Even if you park on Central Street for five minutes, you need to have car insurance in Prince George.                                                                                          

You can purchase a basic package. This package provides liability insurance that will cover you in the event of an accident. Compare car insurance companies until you find the right one for you.                                                                                                        

2. You Need to Purchase Insurance if You Are Financing

If you are financing your vehicle through a lender, your lender may require you to buy insurance. If you are leasing or renting your vehicle, you may also need insurance. Insurance protects their investment and frees them from legal damages after an accident. 


Purchase comprehensive coverage if you are financing your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage may replace your vehicle if it receives substantial damages. You should also purchase gap insurance, which will help pay off the rest of your loan after an accident. 


3. Insurance Protects You From Lawsuits

Insurance covers your legal costs. Liability insurance may apply even if you caused the accident. 


Insurers will pay the damages that you would otherwise be required to pay, including repair costs. Insurance policies vary, so read the fine print before signing a contract. Compare different packages. 


4. Insurance Pays for Your Vehicle

Insurance will cover the costs of repairs to your vehicle. But you should get insurance, even if you don't drive your car often. 


Comprehensive coverage may pay for repairs if your car is stolen. It can also cover you after a natural disaster, like a tree falling on your car.


You may jump the curb and break your fender, or drive over a pothole and damage your suspension. Comprehensive coverage may provide for those damages. 


5. Insurance Provides After a Fatality

Most accidents do not result in fatalities, but fatalities can happen after any accident. Protect yourself just in case. 


Some insurance packages pay out an extra benefit for families who lose loved ones. This benefit is paid out regardless of who was at fault. 


6. Insurance Gives You Rides

You may not be able to drive your car for days after an accident. Insurers can help you. 


Some insurers provide rentals so you can get back on the road. Other insurers offer roadside repairs and a ride to wherever you were driving.


Go to the Auto Insurance Authorities

Protect yourself and your loved ones with car insurance in Prince George. You need insurance under the law, and you need it to finance your car.


Insurance protects you from lawsuits and accidental damages. It provides money after a fatality and a ride after an accident. Insurance covers you, but only if you go to the experts. 


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